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Mike Lowrey

[4. INFO] Admin Application

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Before reading on please take into consideration to save you time further down the line. 

You have to be 18 years or older
You have to have been seen to be active on the forums, helping the community with questions and support etc, i.e. making a contribution. 
You don't have to be a computer wiz at all
You MUST have at least 20 posts on the forums (not spam or digging up old threads) before you will be able to apply 
You can speak to people professionally and maturely
You have a good understanding of how to Arma 3
Being part of our team means being a Moderator or Admin for all of our servers not just the one you play on!
I started hosting Arma servers for one simple reason! To create a fun place to play without dick admins! Here the players come first. I hope for the best part you agree this is what we have. That said we are now seeing server #1 filling up most days with server #3 soon to follow (I hope).  It’s time to bring on some we admin friends.

I’ve found that the best admins are those that want to help others. I am happy to empower those of you out there to do so. It makes absolutely no difference if you have any experience running servers, you don’t have to be a coder. All we’re look for are decent mature people who like to help and support others.  

If you decide to apply 

Please understand no one becomes an Admin overnight, if successful you would start admin life as a Moderator. 

Please understand that for the main part of being a Moderator or Admin at ArmaEpch it's required that you be available in TS to support and help others. You do not have to say on TS just be there if needed.

If you understand all of the above then Post your application here: link. Select Admin Application from the drop down menu.

Only myself (and soon other admins) can see your application so please Include the following information. 
 * Why do you want to become part of the team 
* The server(s) you play on
* Your in game name and Player ID
* Your ArmaEpoch Teamspeak name
* Anything you may have to offer the community. 
I realise and understand that everyone has real life commitments so it’s not a prerequisite that you be online all of the time.  Once received I will review your application and be in touch.

Speak to you soon.

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