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    Member Donator Perks Levels

    ArmaEpoch Donation Perks are here!

    Here is the list of our starting Perks and pricing.

    Please include your UID and your in game name on the donation or support request.

    £5 Donation per month Tier 1 - Donator Tag in TS and Forums with Donator Forum access plus access to ArmaEpoch Menu in game with custom craft options

    £10 Donation per month Tier 2 – All Tier 1 and 2 Perks. Tier 2 perks include:

    Direct access to Dev and server progress.

    Access to the mod testing.

    Reserved Slot (pending BI approval).


    Clan donations:

    10 slot reserved IP package

    Can add up to 10 members to the list £35 a Month

    All 10 get Tier 2 Access

    More coming soon…

    *** Spawn Selection, ArmaEpoch Menu is available to those that register in the forums and provide some community help and support (no donation needed). ***

    *** Registering for the forums plus being an active community member is required to maintain access to the Registered perks on the spawn selection / gear selection and registered menu.

    Dev request will be managed directly and will have to pass all levels of testing.