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  1. [4. INFO] Admin Application

    Before reading on please take into consideration to save you time further down the line. You have to be 18 years or older You have to have been seen to be active on the forums, helping the community with questions and support etc, i.e. making a contribution. You don't have to be a computer wiz at all You MUST have at least 20 posts on the forums (not spam or digging up old threads) before you will be able to apply You can speak to people professionally and maturely You have a good understanding of how to Arma 3 Being part of our team means being a Moderator or Admin for all of our servers not just the one you play on! I started hosting Arma servers for one simple reason! To create a fun place to play without dick admins! Here the players come first. I hope for the best part you agree this is what we have. That said we are now seeing server #1 filling up most days with server #3 soon to follow (I hope). It’s time to bring on some we admin friends. I’ve found that the best admins are those that want to help others. I am happy to empower those of you out there to do so. It makes absolutely no difference if you have any experience running servers, you don’t have to be a coder. All we’re look for are decent mature people who like to help and support others. If you decide to apply Please understand no one becomes an Admin overnight, if successful you would start admin life as a Moderator. Please understand that for the main part of being a Moderator or Admin at ArmaEpch it's required that you be available in TS to support and help others. You do not have to say on TS just be there if needed. If you understand all of the above then Post your application here: link. Select Admin Application from the drop down menu. Only myself (and soon other admins) can see your application so please Include the following information. * Why do you want to become part of the team * The server(s) you play on * Your in game name and Player ID * Your ArmaEpoch Teamspeak name * Anything you may have to offer the community. I realise and understand that everyone has real life commitments so it’s not a prerequisite that you be online all of the time. Once received I will review your application and be in touch. Speak to you soon.
  2. [2. READ Second] Forum Rules

    In short, bullshit will not be tolerated! Be nice. Do NOT turn threads into flame wars. No Racism, Sexism or any other offensive behaviour. Respect one another, do not insult your fellow gamers. Have an opinion on a matter? Great, tell us in a reasonable and constructive manner. When entering a forum section, be aware of any "Please Read"s. For example; Unban Requests. Failure to comply with this may result in your post being removed. Offering in game items to other players for a cash reward is forbidden and will result in warning points and or ban The shoutbox is there for general banter. Do not post server issues there. Report any issues in TS or make a thread in the forum. Post threads in the relevant location. If you post in the wrong section, it could get missed. Do not reply to other users' unban requests unless you are contributing evidence to support/oppose the request. Admins can and will provide all other necessary replies. Advertisement of Other Servers is forbidden
  3. Once Arma 3 launches to the menu screen click on Configure > Profile: Select your profile, click EDIT and you will see your Player Identification Number displayed under the Squad URL space, where the red box is in this example picture." (Note: If you haven't set up a new Player Profile the default profile will be displayed as your Computer Name) Now that you have your PID make sure to write it down very carefully or press: Ctrl + c to copy it.
  4. [1. READ FIRST] Welcome to DMG

    Welcome to the all-new Dark Matter Gaming [DMG] community forums. For those of your coming from our ArmaEpoch community, you'll see more of the same. I’ve tried to maintain a look and feel that you are used to. For those that are new to the community and extra special welcome. We’re not starting from scratch! I have been running gaming communities for a couple of years now, so I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve taken the time however to clean house removing the old forum posts (for the most part). There’s a new layout… Each Game or mod has it’s own forum section to help keep things relevant. So why the change you may be asking yourself? Our other communities have focused on Arma 3 or a specific mod of Arma 3 (wasteland/epoch etc…) and their names reflected that (Armaholic.com/armaepoch.co.uk). However, whist our roots remain firmly planted in the Arma franchise I’d like to offer our community members other game services such as Ark or Rust. This is why I have picked the game neutral community name of Dark Matter Gaming. As always a communities’ strongest asset is its members. All feedback will be read and if it gets good feedback, it’s added/installed/modded/changed and or removed. Dark Matter Gaming… For players by players! Mike.